Supreme court desicion of hypothetical case

Of particular relevance [17] to this case was the so-called " safe harbor " provision, which allows states to appoint their electors without Congressional interference if done by a specified deadline: Gore did not, however, request any recounts in counties that traditionally vote Republican.

Any candidate who receives an absolute majority of all electoral votes nationally since wins the Presidential or Vice Presidential election. Constitution, which prohibited slavery, and the Fourteenth Amendmentwhich granted full and equal rights of citizenship to African Americans.

It served as a controlling judicial precedent until it was overturned by the Supreme Court in Brown v. The record, as weighed by the Florida Supreme Court, suggested that different standards were seemingly applied to the recount from ballot to ballot, precinct to precinct, and county to county, even when identical types of ballots and machines were used.

But a recount could have restored the votes of thousands of older voters whose dimpled and double-voted ballots were indecipherable to machines but would have been clear in a ballot-by-ballot review. Election ; Close-up view of satellite trucks parked by the Florida State Capitol during the Presidential election vote dispute On November 8,the Florida Division of Elections reported that Bush won with Since this "new law" had not been directed by the Florida legislature, it violated Article II.

Supreme Court Desicion of Hypothetical Case

However, Florida law also required all counties to certify their election returns to the Florida Secretary of State within seven days of the election, [9] and several of the counties conducting manual recounts did not believe they could meet this deadline.

Ferguson, case in which the U. Two of these, Breyer and Souter, acknowledged that the counting up until December 9 had not conformed with Equal Protection requirements. As determined in Aikens V. Rahman was in direct contact with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, a political group both in the United States and abroad.

We must determine as a court whether or not the words used in this speech were said in such a circumstance and are of such a nature that they could possibly create a clear and present danger and bring about the substantive evils that congress has the right to prevent.

One thing, however, is certain. Gore occurred on December Two voters could have marked their ballots in an identical manner, but the ballot in one county would be counted while the ballot in a different county would be rejected, due to the conflicting manual recount standards.

Homer Plessywho was seven-eighths white and one-eighth African American, purchased a rail ticket for travel within Louisiana and took a seat in a car reserved for white passengers.

Gore did remand the case instead of dismissing it, but the remand did not include another request for clarification. The ruling also noted: The endorsement of that position by the majority of this Court can only lend credence to the most cynical appraisal of the work of judges throughout the land.

Supreme Court on December 11 The oral argument in Bush v. Even if the recount was fair in theory, it was unfair in practice.

This ruling was by a 7—2 vote. No Justice on the Florida Supreme Court was a Republican appointee, but three of them concluded that the recount that Vice President Gore wanted was unconstitutional. A voter in a "punch-card" county has a greater chance of having his vote undercounted than a voter in an "optical scanner" county.

The arguments presented by counsel did not extensively address what the Court should do if the Court were to find an Equal Protection violation. It certainly would appear unnecessary that our soldiers and sailors and merchant marines must make a special effort to retain the right to vote.

The voters are actually voting for a slate of electors, each of whom pledges to vote for a particular candidate for each office, in the Electoral College. After refusing to move to a car for African Americans, he was arrested and charged with violating the Separate Car Act.

Palm Beach County Canvassing Board. Florida officials rejected these overseas ballots, mostly from members of the United States Armed Forces. Louise Weinberg argues that, even giving the Court the benefit of the doubt that it acted appropriately in intervening in Florida state law, its actions should be deemed unconstitutional because its intervention was not coupled with any kind of remedy aimed at determining the actual outcome of the election.

Counting every legally cast vote cannot constitute irreparable harm On several occasions, William Rehnquist had expressed interest in retiring under a Republican administration; one study found that press reports "are equivocal on whether facts existed that would have created a conflict of interest" for Rehnquist.

Plessy v. Ferguson

Gore, the Florida Supreme Court provided clarifications [16] that the U. Four counties submitted statements, and after reviewing the submissions Harris determined that none justified an extension of the filing deadline. In the case of the presidential election, the determination of reasonableness must be circumscribed by the provisions of 3 U.Supreme Court Case CJA/ Supreme Court Case The discovery of unethical billing alongside unethical accounting practices provoked a chain reaction towards a hospital accountant by the name of Rehberg.

An accountant trying to. supreme court desicion of hypothetical case - The appellant, Salim abdul Aziz Rahman, the founder of the group called the Global Islamic Jihad, was convicted under the USA Patriot Act of for “furthering the aims of known terrorism organizations by advocating the violence of the United States government that is called for by those.

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Because of the extraordinary nature and argued urgency of the case, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in Bush v. Gore on December 12, The Court in Bush v. Gore did remand the case instead of dismissing it, examined numerous hypothetical ways of recounting all the Florida ballots.

The study was conducted over a period of Full case name: Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins: Citations: U.S. The case was granted a writ of certiorari and heard before the U.S. Supreme Court. The extent of the consideration, and the result of a hypothetical process not involving the discrimination.

Plessy v. Ferguson: Plessy v. Ferguson, U.S. Supreme Court case that advanced the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine for assessing the constitutionality of racial segregation.

Supreme court desicion of hypothetical case
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