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We must do our best to remove all superstitions and ensure real progress of the nation. If a man sneezes when somebody is going out on a journey, it is thought that the journey would be inauspicious.

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At this time people began Superstition speech sneeze violently and this became known as a sign of death. Mirrors were believed to hold a lot of power, therefore if one was broken; disaster would strike and would be with the person who broke the mirror. When the horseshoe is hung up, it is thought to collect good luck through the open end.

After many years, black cats were thought to have another meaning - evil. If people are properly educated and encouraged to develop a scientific attitude and rational thinking there is no doubt that superstition will die a natural death.

They were believed to have supernatural powers of evil and be associated with witches and demons. Or if you accidentally dropped your mirror and it shattered into a million pieces?

That is because black cats and breaking a mirror are two very famous superstitions. The so-called Superstition speech and elite persons also have some superstitions.

Since you now know some of the most famous superstitions and their origins you will be able to decide whether superstitions are signs of fate or just coincidences that happen everyday. Many famous superstitions such as the one about black cats originated in early Christianity or in Ancient times.

We should expect that scientific spirit must go deep within our social system and change our attitude from within. Superstition speech look upon 13 as an unlucky number. Good evening judges, parents and students. And the superstition finds its way where the mystery prevails.

In Ancient times, it was believed that a mirror was a sign of the Egyptian gods. December 16, By Ravi Sharma Superstition is a peculiar type of traditional belief without the basis of reason.

Also, it is bad luck to get married in May and it is good luck to have an itch at the top of your head! There are some existing superstitions which nobody knows the meanings or origins of!

The superstitious belief in the magical powers to cure diseases often takes a heavy toll of human life. The sight of a crow crying on a dry branch of a tree or the hooting of an own at daytime and the moaning of a dog or a cat at night are regarded as very ominous.

There is, however, a definite cure for superstition and that is education. It is founded upon fear born of ignorance and mystery. Belief in ghosts is traditional and so is the faith in astrology and palmistry.

In Ancient Egypt, people believed in mythical gods. Although it seems unfair to have bad luck for a day just because a black cat crossed your path, did you know that you can have bad luck for seven years if a mirror is broken? It is true that science has made great advancement in its course but still it is unable to explain some mysteries of the universe.

Speaking of illnesses, what do you say to someone after they have sneezed? People believed that if any black cat crossed your path, this was a sign that the devil was thinking about you and blocking your way to Heaven. These are silly ways to try to have good luck and many people doubt that these superstitions were made up for any purpose.

These superstitions are usually silly and rather pointless such as it is bad luck to kick a cat in a theatre or it is good luck to spit on a coin found in the middle of a highway! There are numerous examples of popular superstitions in our society.

The origin of this superstition is quite old. It originated during the great plague in Europe in the middle ages. But the evil effects of superstition mostly affect the illiterate people. Another famous superstition is to hang a horseshoe over your doorstep with the open end facing up.

One of those gods was a black female cat named Bastet, and since Christians were trying to get rid of other religions, black cats and their owners were burned. Misfortune would be with that person for seven years because centuries ago people believed that it took seven years for the human body to properly heal and cleanse itself of illnesses.

Even if you choose not to believe in superstitions, try to avoid black cats before you do anything important and remember Aa, Aa, Achoo!

Although the origin of this superstition is unknown, horseshoes are thought to be lucky because they were originally made of iron, which holds power over the evil eye.Superstition Speech Essay Superstitions To inform my audience about commonly practiced superstitions, their meaning, origins, and what affects they have on our lives and commonly practiced traditions.

Evidence – “coincidences are the manna of magical thinking”# (expert testimony) Explain the significance of evidence – The evidence I have for my speech shows facts and stats of Americans and their superstitious habits. The Power of Superstition A superstition is the belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation.

Superstition is also an irrational abject attitude of mind toward the supernatural, nature, or God or a notion maintained despite evidence to the contrary (Merriam-Webster). The origin of this superstition is quite old.

In Ancient times, it was believed that a mirror was a sign of the Egyptian gods. Mirrors were believed to hold a lot of power, therefore if one was broken; disaster would strike and would be with the person who broke the mirror. Superstitions Informative Speech General Purpose – To Inform Specific Purpose – To inform the audience of superstitions Central Idea – The origin of superstitions, the different superstitions, superstitions in religions, and why people have/create superstitions INTRODUCTION 1.

“When you believe in things, That you don't understand, Then you.

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Informative Speech - Superstitions. No description by Abby Grimm on 24 February Tweet. Most people will not admit to this "silly nonsense" even if one of their worst fears is breaking a mirror or some other superstition. Either way, superstitions haunt many people.

Hopefully you aren't one of those victims. Full transcript.

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