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All patents and trademarks will be examined monthly to verify they are current and up to date. In accordance with the Model Business Corporation Act, Riordan Manufacturing will abide by Riordan coso principles of corporate law within the states where Riordan Manufacturing plants are established.

Continue review and oversight to ensure compliance from management. Riordan Manufacturing is a public company responsible for complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of Riordan encourages employee suggestions and input. There are many different laws and regulations that affect plastic production Murner, All products carry an express warranty for the quality, abilities, or performance of the product as provided in the Uniform Riordan coso Code Jennings, The directors and officers of Riordan must handle confidential and sensitive information carefully and in such a way that they prevent unauthorized release of information.

Available from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. Each year the insurance on the assets will be evaluated. Develop a local risk management strategy. The company will comply with the Model Business Corporation Act and comply with all state and federals laws and regulations where plants are established.

Today, Riordan Manufacturing has custom plastic parts produced in Pontiac, Michigan as well as plastic fan parts in Hangzhou, China. Federal Trade Commission Act Riordan Manufacturing is committed to providing accurate information on all products sold to a consumer which meets state and federal guidelines.

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Quick and immediate action will be taken to any violations including discipline, dismissal and legal action.

Federal Trade Commission Act- All products produced by Riordan must comply with the Uniform Commercial Code to eliminate the possibility of intentional tort, negligence, and strict tort liability Jennings, When an employer-employee dispute arises, a panel of three people will resolve the problem.

Retrieved June 20,from http: The defense that they did not know what was in the financial statements will not be accepted. They must take actions that will ensure that their personal interest does not conflict with that of organizational duties.

The plan will address the laws affecting the plastic industry and guidelines to ensure management and employees understand and obey the laws. Cengage Learning Murner, C.

Riordan Manufacturing intellectual property includes trademarks, trade secrets, patents, software, and copyrights. The Corporate Compliance Plan stresses the importance of good strong internal controls to minimize corporate risks by applying recommendations of the Committee of Sponsoring Organization of the Treadway Commission COSO.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Compliance of OSHA regulations will reduce work-related injuries, illnesses and death through proper annual workplace safety inspection and review.

These controls maintain compliance and establish adequate checks and balances. These products could cause harm or injury to consumers.

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Executive management will review the case and proceed with appropriate direction. Enterprise and product liability Riordan Industries wholly owns Riordan Manufacturing. Intellectual Property Rights Intellectual property consists of Riordan Manufacturing trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.

Conduct Standards Riordan employees are responsible to make certain the integrity and Riordan coso protection of all documents. Similarly, the board member may not get legal protection under board indemnity. Riordan Manufacturing conducts business globally and is, therefore, responsible to adhere to the rules and principles of the host country in accordance with International Law and any local jurisdiction.

The act includes additional corporate board responsibilities to criminal penalties. Outline the prevention and management guidelines of the legal aspects listed above. Corporate integrity is a commitment pursued in open, honest and fair dealings with all its customers insuring the highest customer satisfaction from its consumer goods and services.

Riordan Industries must ensure that Riordan Manufacturing does not create corporate liability for itself. Clean Air and Water Act- Many manufacturing companies throughout the world use plastics. External auditors will verify compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Riordan, a professor of chemistry. Select the Enterprise Risk Management link. Employees will be well informed and properly supported.Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan Resources: "Using the New COSO Risk-Management Guidance" article and the Riordan Virtual Organization located on the student website, and the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) website Resources Riordan Virtual Organization Located On The Student Website And Coso Http Www Org View Create A Corporate Compliance Plan Consisting Of No More Than 2.

Riordan Manufacturing has three operating sites; Georgia, Michigan and California. Riordan Manufacturing Corporate Compliance Plan will include managing the legal liability of officers and directors of Riordan Manufacturing.

Essay Example: Riordan Compliance Plan Law 531 Final

(COSO) to achieve a viable corporate compliance plan. This plan will allow Riordan Manufacturing to continue its. Risk-Management Guidance" article and the Riordan Virtual Organization located on the student website, and the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) website at Read the article "Using the New COSO Risk-Management Guidance".

Riordan Executives and Directors will heed the following necessary steps found in Mr. Dennis Applegate’s submission to the COSO website, www. coso. org; “Struggling to incorporate the COSO recommendations into your audit process?

Risk Management and Riordan Essays; Risk Management and Riordan Essays.

Submitted By listrevino. It is important for a Riordan to adopt the COSO structure for their own company because they are supported by five organizations and they have a breakdown that serves the purpose of informing the company step by step what should .

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