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The moment one ceases to enjoy the ordinary pleasures and happiness of life and is content to enjoy them vicariously through fictional and historical representation, one loses all the benefits of reading and loses contact with life.

You can take one part of the essay, agreeing or disagreeing with it, and expand on that idea, giving reasons for your reader to agree with you.

You need to work out what to include, and what can be left out. As a result of reading books over a period of time, a learning process is formed. After your introduction, transition by explaining what the author of the article you have written has to say about this topic.

Generating ideas Before reading - This is a really valuable stage which many people miss out, but it makes your reading and planning much easier. We need to have laws prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving. Remember that all essays have three main parts: Use the evidence and patterns to formulate a claim in the last box.

It is proven that in this technological society the demands for higher levels of literacy are creating unfavorable consequences for those who fall short. It can make a stagnant, barren mind rich and cultivatable.

You can then use one of the methods below to write a more detailed plan. Bringing together the key points from your reading helps clarify what you have found out, and helps you find a pathway through all the ideas and issues you have encountered.

Writing a summary - Some people plan best once they have written something, as this helps clarify their thinking. Solid understanding of the material at hand, therefore, is necessary in order to argue effectively. This is even more of reason to get into the habit of reading books, but with the cinema and television taking up a great deal of attention of children, teenagers and even adults, the habit of serious reading is dying out.

Then you will give your thesis. While argumentation tends to focus on logic supported by verifiable examples and facts, persuasion can use unverifiable personal anecdotes and a more apparent emotional appeal to make its case.

Evidence-based argument builds the case for its claim out of available evidence. It is impossible to cover everything in an essay, and your markers will be looking for evidence of your ability to choose material and put it in order.

Read along while watching the video tutorial. It enables you to work out a logical structure and an end point for your argument before you start writing. Brainstorm all your ideas, then arrange them in three or four groups.

Good readers can extract from the writing what is important for the particular task they are employed in and they can do it quickly. We must never let it die out. Good reader can understand the individual sentences and organizational structure of a piece of writing.

Developing Evidence-Based Arguments from Texts

It leads into planning your essay structure. Add these references to the list. Today the ability to read is highly valued and very important for social and economic advancement.

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Additionally, in persuasion, the claim usually comes first; then the persuader builds a case to convince a particular audience to think or feel the same way. After reading - After your reading, it is often good to summarise all your findings on a page. Rather, he or she arrived at the claim as a result of careful reading of and thinking about the text.

Decide on an area of focus such as the development of a particular character and using a short text, jot down details or phrases related to that focus in the first space on the chart. Use these ReadWriteThink resources to help students build their plans into a fully developed evidence based argument about text:PLAN: An Active Reading Strategy1 PLAN allows students who may be visually inclined to record their readings in a map format.

If you Using this information, you will draw a map of what you expect the chapter, article, or essay to discuss.

Connect the ideas using lines or arrows, and remember to designate main ideas and smaller ideas. ReadWriteThink has hundreds of standards-based lesson plans written and reviewed by educators using current research and the best instructional practices.

Find the perfect one for your classroom. Point out that even though the claim comes first in the sample essay, the writer of the essay likely did not start there.

Rather, he or she arrived at the claim as a result of careful reading of and thinking about the text. Authentic Measurements: Portfolio Reading Procedures —Chris Jennings Dixon 69 Anchor Sessions: Portfolio Evaluation—Ann Louise Johnston 76 construct an essay in the basic five-paragraph mode: introduction, body paragraphs will depend on how many paragraphs you have to.

Lesson Plans for Teaching Writing. Lesson Plans for. Our reading plan will take you through Chesterton's bibliography, books, and essays, and hook you on the English writer's perceptive and prophetic insights. Learn how to effectively plan your essay, what you should do and what you should avoid.

This page details general good practice in essay planning, including what you should do and what you should try to avoid. and also any wider additional reading and research you may have undertaken in order to tackle the essay topic.

Writing an essay.

Reading plan essay
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