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As a result, the contribution to free speech activities and inter-party debates is low. And you thought the things you learnt in secondary school chemistry would never come in handy!

The residents could easily connect to the rest of the world. It houses talented and motivated people. As there is a lack of water resources, Singapore is dependent on Malaysian supplied water.

The growth is driven by several factors. Another factor is limited dissemination of content.

It owns substantial productive assets. Singapore has introduced some e-commerce policy initiatives. Its enterprise friendly approach boosts business as well. It still follows traditional family values.

Political Factors The political risk in Singapore is quite low. It is a democratic country. Pollution from the industrial byproducts like oil increases the problem. Refresh Over the last decade, Singapore has shown extraordinary economic growth.

What POKKA Did Differently To Dominate The Tea Drink Market

The legal and financial business framework helps as well. It is true that the younger generation has the tendency to follow western culture and values. More than 10Mbps of broadband internet service is available. A local brand called NEWater supplies sewage water after purifying it using dual-membrane.

It is developing at a very fast pace.Pokka Swot SWOT This is used to help focus activities into areas of strength and where the greatest opportunities lie.

This is used to identify the dangers that take the form of weaknesses and both internal and external threats. When life starts getting in the way and deadlines pile up, you would sometimes dream of going away for a.

PESTLE Analysis of Singapore

This Powerpoint Presentation was done and presented after a 3-day course. Please feel free to add any comment and suggestion so as. Pokka health-oriented flavours include Lemon, Collagen Water, Chrysanthemum White tea, Honeysuckle White Tea, Oolong Tea & Elderflower Tea.

Pokka‟s website (Pokka, ) can also provide as an advertising platform. Pokka has a considerable presence in Facebook when compared to the rest.


POKKA has two state-of-the-art factories under its belt - one in Singapore and the other in Malaysia. It may be tempting to assume Singapore-made drinks are better in quality, but POKKA makes sure that no matter which factory their drinks are produced in, they’re always top-notch.

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Pokka swot
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