Poetic reflections on mortality and ephemerality

The scenes and images that are so characteristic of the earliest poems—animals, storm clouds, evenings of revelry, places of recollection of the beloved—linger within the Arabic poetic tradition as a whole, to be invoked by Arab poets in quest of links to a nostalgic, idealized view of the past.

Lampoon Critical analyses of the Arabic poetic tradition point out that the vigorous practice of lampooning is the obverse of panegyric: A Study in Comparative Religion and T. So-and-so constructed palaces for himself and raised them up… But one weak-echoed evening arrived the Angel of Death… And down into Hell rolled the soul of So-and-so.

What is your favorite time of the day to be in the studio? Inform them that indeed the entire matter has been concluded. In a garden where the shade was as dark as ruby lips and blossoms grew, as white as pearly teeth.

Arabic literature

When you were at Cal Arts and studying fine art, did you have an interest already in making jewelry or housewares or did that develop later through other interests and experiences? The ability of words to hurt and to shame is present in the Arabic poetic tradition from the outset.

This confrontation also prompted Arab litterateurs to view the global environment with considerable circumspection.

In these poems the lover spends a lifetime of absence and longing, pining for Poetic reflections on mortality and ephemerality beloved who is tyrannical and cruel aiming arrows at the heart and eye and yet remains the object of worship and adoration.

Never did I expect to witness a time When a dog could do me ill and be praised for it all the while. In one of his most famous lines he states: Light is now returned to the sun; previously it was extinguished, As though the lack of it in a body were a kind of disease.

These firm injunctions are an expression of Islamic orthodoxy, but the very number of poetic divans that contain sections devoted to wine poetry illustrates the extent to which poetry could be used to confront such religious attitudes.

However, literary production and creativity were inevitably marked by the ongoing series of Crusadescarried out by Christians from western Europe, the Mongol invasions and later those of the Turkic conqueror Timur Tamerlanethe fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans inthe fall of Granada in the Reconquista inand the fall of Cairo to the Ottomans in The earliest Arabic poems reveal distinctly different attitudes to the theme of love.

As such, it became the focus of a great deal of attention as scholars began the lengthy process of compiling, anthologizing, and analyzing the corpus of an oral tradition of poetry that stretched back several centuries to distant, unknown beginnings.

About five years ago she began to focus on her line of design objects called BZIPPY, which features her signature style of building modular, brutalist style vases and lamps that are as sculptural as they are functional, as well as a line of architectural jewelry and accessories.

As we marked the truce month, Their daughters were our maidservants. What is this nation of ours that can treat love like a policeman? In the same 6-months Bari might have an exhibition in a gallery, participated in a design project, and had a booth in the Echo Park craft fair, yet all of these pieces fit together under one cohesive artistic and creative practice.

While it should be noted that there had been previous attempts to break out of the rigid strictures of traditional metrics especially in colloquial poetic genres that were for the most part ignored by criticsit was this gesture in the s that ushered in a new era for Arabic poetry, one that moved beyond the notion of variable metre and line length to the prose poem and other experiments in form and poetic discourse.

As human conflicts continued unabated through the 20th century and into the 21st, so the elegy continued to fulfill its generic purposes as an expression of personal sorrow and broader communal grief and steadfastness. The various types of poem are marked by particular patterns of rhyme and syllabic pulse.

Poetic divans of all eras are filled with elegies of rulers and important figures. The very continuity of the repertoire of imagery in this genre can be gauged by comparing two lines written more than three centuries apart. Four years ago I consciously made a decision to focus on the design line getting off the ground and being sustainable.

The oral nature of the communication between Prophet and community is reflected in the many revelations on doctrinal and behavioral issues that take the form of responses to questions.

Poetry by itself rarely, if ever, provided a sufficient living for even the most gifted crafter of verses, and that remains as much the case today as it did during the premodern period. More broadly, the confrontation between secularism and popular religious movements, which might in the best of circumstances provide for a fruitful interaction of opinions, instead—because of local, regional, and global factors—created an atmosphere of tension and repression that was often not conducive to creative thought.Poetic Reflections on Mortality and Ephemerality Everyone covets a bit of certainty that not many realities allow, but mortality -while a glum concept- is a definite fate we will all ultimately encounter in our respective lifetimes.

This literature struck an emotional not of pride with me because I could feel from ENG at Ashford University. The Japanese artist Mariko Kusumoto focuses on the beauty of materials such as fibers, metals, and resin.

Her work is included in permanent collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Japanese Gardens Flordia, the Kock Collection at the Swiss National Museum, Murikami Museum and the Racine Art Museum.

Discover some of the natural still life objects that appear in famous still life paintings throughout history! Explore the symbolism and meaning of these objects, with still life examples.

Food in a still life often points out our mortality and the ephemerality of earthly existence. When the food is fresh and ripe, it can signify abundance.

Because ephemerality is, however, an extremely ordinary notion to countless expressive artists, it is vital to notice the literary elements these renowned authors applied which set such works apart from less potent pieces.

Eiffel Chong’s new exhibition is a study on mortality and the ephemerality of life. August 25, Arts, Culture. By ROUWEN LIN Related Articles but also as a clever device to coax viewers to look beyond the darkness and reflection of themselves, in order to see the flowers beneath.

Poetic reflections on mortality and ephemerality
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