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Butler Politics Prize The R. Candidates may discuss the subject matter of the essay with other students and teachers at their school; however, the formulation of the argument and the writing of the essay must be the work of the student alone.

Does the very fact that there may be no difference between them show that the law degree is Oxford essay competition 2011 for the purpose that the common view attributes to a law degree, namely creating lawyers?

Of those seven, four were recommended for publication in the forthcoming volume of Oxford Studies in Oxford essay competition 2011 of Religion, testifying to the strength of the essays submitted. Any queries from teachers with students who may be interested in submitting work for the prize should be directed to Dr Glen Rangwala by email to: And should a distinction be drawn between the judge and the advocate both being practicing lawyers?

To risk introducing circularity, presumably the purpose is to train undergraduates to think like a lawyer. On the first page of your essay, please include the following information: The competition takes place in late November in schools across Europe.

Philosophy of Religion

Secondly, its intention is to recognise the achievements both of high-calibre students and of those who teach them. The competition is open to everyone and sponsored by The Times.

Butler Prize are twofold.


Third and finally, I argue that the explanatory advantages of this hypothesis cannot be had within the confines of naturalism. The simple reason for this is that whilst the GDL teaches how the law applies to a given scenario, it does not encourage the same incisive way of thinking that is required in practice in addition to a working knowledge of the law.

The competition has now closed. The competition is open to all, subject to a small entry fee. However, this is only the case if one misrepresents the situation.

The competition is now closed. This highlights the error in the assumption that the function of a law degree is just to place its graduates one step closer to a legal career.

The next competition will open in Marchwith a deadline for essays in the late summer. First, I argue that, if the argument from contingency is to succeed, the explanation of History in terms of God must not be a causal explanation.

No individual student may submit more than one entry into the competition.

Robert Walker Prize for Essays in Law

Students based abroad are most welcome to participate. If you cannot submit the essay electronically, please post it to R. The Prize was established in memory of the former Master of Trinity College, Lord Butler, who most famously served as Home Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer, and who was responsible for the introduction of free secondary education for all students in the UK.

Sample interview video The Robert Walker Prize has three objectives: Watch this space to find out when the next competition will take place! Stephen Spender Poetry Translation Competition British writer Stephen Spender was a prolific translator of poetry, and an annual poetry translation competition is now run by the Stephen Spender Trust.

We encourage you to provide references to your sources of information, and to include a bibliography at the end of the essay. It will not be used for any other reason or given or sold to any other company or organisation.

Entries will be considered in two divisions: An issue that one must address is that one might have two lawyers who are equally successful in practice and are in all ways identical, except that one read a traditional law degree whilst the other took the Graduate Diploma in Law GDL.

However, leaving to one side the complexities of the hidden meanings lurking behind the question, one might base an answer on the common view of the law degree as being a step on the way to the law as a vocation.

National and international competitions for learners of German A number of organisations run competitions for learners of German.

The Betty Haigh Shakespeare Prize

This may seem to be the case if one looks exclusively at the GDL in comparison with the law degree — if one can do in one year what a law degree does in three years, with there being no difference between the two routes when it comes to practice, then it surely shows that the law degree is inefficient?

To establish whether the law degree is fit for purpose one must consider what the purpose of that degree might be. His paper will be published in Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion. Jamie Sproul Stamford School It will not be used for any other reason or given or sold to any other company or organization.

First Prize United Kingdom Division: In, and the UK winners translated from German! The information provided is managed and stored in accordance with UK Data Protection regulations http: If one is to judge efficiency by the timescale of the route, then one must take account of the fact that a precondition to the GDL is that one already holds an undergraduate degree.

R.A. Butler Politics Prize

Fundamentality and Apophatic Theology.Trinity College was pleased to launch the Robert Walker Prize for Essays in Law in The prize is named after an Honorary Fellow of the College, Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe, a retired Justice of the Supreme Court and former law student at Trinity.

The Society for Computers and Law annual essay competition asks entrants to write a maximum of words in order to be in with a chance of winning a free place at the annual SCL Conference, publication of your essay in the SCL Computers and Law magazine and £ 57 rows · Established inin memory of a St Hugh’s College alumna, the Julia Wood Prize is an annual History essay competition open to Sixth Form pupils who have not been in the Sixth Form of any school or college for a period of more than two years.

Notes on Castle Craig Competition: Any style or subject but must be about 1 of 3 essay questions, so see website for full details - open to students studying medicine, psychology, nursing, psychotherapy, social work or a related discipline - winners published on website.

In, and the UK winners translated from German! You can read winner Theodora Bradbury’s account of the competition here, and winner Angus Russell's translation here, and winner Jonah Cowen's translation here.

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Definition of competition - the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others.

Oxford essay competition 2011
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