Medco merk harvard business case

Merck had a strategic vision to become embedded as part of a total healthcare solution. From the health insurance plans, to the doctors and hospitals, to the pharmaceuticals, Kaiser is in complete control to continually increase quality while decreasing cost.

This allowed the PBMs to gain power in the healthcare industry, and with the use of drug utilization reviews, disease management and formularies especiallythey tightened their grip. I would assume they would want to be part of a complete healthcare solution, so this merger would a step in the right direction.

This merger had to occur to create a company flexible and agile enough to adapt to a changes. In a way, this acquisition was an investment to properly position Merck in Medco merk harvard business case unpredictable future. As the traditional fee-for-service system transformed to a managed care system, heavy emphasis was placed on cost control Pg.

To obtain the coordinated pharmaceutical care most industry executives envision for the future, the company needed to acquire a PBM. At first their focus was on claims processing, but over the years, they leveraged their pharmacy network to negotiate discounted rates on pharmaceuticals.

In just a few years, from the early to the mids, the healthcare industry witnessed dramatic changes within its supply chain. Partnering with the manufacturer allowed Medco greater access and resources for their work.

In addition, being the side that is being purchased, senior leadership and stockholders profited financially. With everything covered in this business case, I believe that Merck should continue with their investments in the health management business. It gained a network of physicians, pharmacists and patients including mail order that trusted the Medco brand.

To overcome this, the company continued to act as an independent subsidiary Pg. As a result, PBMs immerged to reduce pharmaceutical costs and optimize the use of medications. The drawback for Medco, if any, might come in the form of loss credibility by their network because they are owned by a manufacturer.

The offset to some of these positives is the cost associated with the acquisition. For the United States to successfully implement a healthcare system that can afford to take care of all its citizens, great management is key.

Merck-Medco (B)

Medco on the other hand obtains a manufacturer who clinical expertise can take the research and development being performed to a new level. As health care evolves, cost control is crucial. The acquisition of Medco, improved Merck as a company in many ways. While this can be gained without acquisitions, goals can be reached more readily with a purchase of an established asset.

Massive amounts of drug utilization data gained could also be used by Merck for better analysis. Even if a merger did not bring about short term profits, like Eli Lilly and PCS, it still eliminates a deadly threat.

Working for Kaiser Permanente, I see the benefits of a complete healthcare system. This is why vertical integration is so attractive in this industry. Drug manufacturers need to regain access to these markets to protect themselves in a dynamic industry.

If this future held a system in which the most drugs were sold through PBMs, or not, Merck would be positioned to continue their successful business. In a sense, pharmaceutical manufacturers needed to go through these PBMs to access certain markets.

Companies must be vertically integrated to drastically reduce cost.Medco Merk Harvard Business Case Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) is rooted in the healthcare reforms of the early s. As the traditional fee-for-service system transformed to a managed care system, heavy emphasis was.

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Merck-Medco: Vertical Integration in the Pharmaceutical Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Medco Merk Harvard Business Case

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Medco merk harvard business case
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