Identity in of mice and men

This is NOT because they are unimportant characters, but rather because they are both seen as "property" of someone else and not deserving of an identity in the eyes of the other characters.

Steinbeck wanted to write a novel that could be played from its lines, or a play that could be read like a novel. Lennie is the only one who is basically unable to take care of himself, but the other characters would do this in the improved circumstances they seek.

His back is crooked because he was once kickedby a horse. Assess how well individual students are understanding the process and the novel. Identify crooks in mice and men?

In the play 'Of Mice and Men' who was Candy?

He killed a ranch foreman. He is abused by the other farm workers just becauseof his skin color. In Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck idealizes male friendships, suggesting that they are the most dignified and satisfying way to overcome the loneliness that pervades the world.

Themes In every bit of honest writing in the world there is a base theme. Place in family, classroom, or community e. If them other guys gets in jail they can rot for all anybody gives a damn. I worked in the same country that the story is laid in.

Candy is the man who describes the theme of ageism and loneliness. Try to understand men, if you understand each other you will be kind to each other. Crooks aspires to a small homestead where he can express self-respect, security, and most of all, acceptance.

Have students make predictions about what characters will do based on what they have listed thus far in the Identity Chart. Candy is also fundamental to putting substance to the dreams of George and Lennie, who, though penniless, had hopes of owning their own farm one day.

At one point, Curley loses his temper after he sees Lennie appear to laugh at him, and ends up with his hand horribly damaged after Lennie fights back against him.

Human beings, the book suggests, are at their best when they have someone else to look to for guidance and protection.

George meets Lennie at the place, their camping spot before they came to the ranch. He has an old sheepdog which another worker says should be put to sleep killed.

He was bound in teasing Lennie since he was young. Steinbeck presents this as "something that happened" or as his friend coined for him "non-teleological thinking" or "is thinking", which postulates a non-judgmental point of view.

Who is candy from Of Mice and Men?By examining the identities of characters in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, students can gain a greater understanding of the characters and themselves. Your heart is a fire, But the cold is comforting. My mouth is a liar, With my silver tongue in cheek The silence is deafening.

My words cut deep. The darkness is blinding, Consuming me.

All I am is what I say So turn your back and walk away. My words cut deep, but the silence is deafening. Chapter 3 of mice and men. Candy. An old, crippled man who has lost his hand, Candy is the swamper at the ranch.

Steinbeck in the Schools

Of Mice and Men is a novella written by author John Steinbeck. Published init tells the story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two displaced migrant ranch workers, who move from place to place in California in search of new job opportunities during the Great Depression in the United States.

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Identity in of mice and men
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