How to start writing a sports blog network

You no longer need connections at top brands like Marca, Mundo Deportivo or Sport as lovely as that would be!

You might hate a team with everything you have, but you cannot let that show…even if they obliterate your favorite team. Your goal should be to use this stage to improve your writing, refresh your grammar skills and get a reference for the next step.

The perfect outlet for your insight and analysis is waiting. This encourages your readers to also follow your personal brand and get some insight into how you think. Also, these articles are typically more work as the editor often has higher standards for the content and the articles need to be a specific word count minimum.

You have to be objective The way you write an impartial account in a news story is the same way you write a sports story. Below are the rules for the big four major league sports. Most publications are often actively looking for more contributors and even have a dedicated landing page to attract writers.

But, can you do that eloquently enough on paper so that readers can understand? Marc-Andre Fleury notched his 21st career shutout. The same way an emotional picture catches attention, an emotional story will, too.

Top publications value writers with larger social media followings, as it means that they themselves get more exposure. Look to see what other writers have used to mix it up. You might have to dig a little and find the twitter of the editor of the publication, as well as the main twitter account.

Now, you have two publications you are contributing to and look very legitimate to an outside viewer. It is time to research and contact blogs with more reach and — importantly — money to spend on writers.

So, how to get started as a sports writer? Be sure to make things easy to understand. As you have some examples of your work in another publication, send links to your two best-performing articles.

So many other contributors can help to improve your writing and offer tips. Try it for free! There are a number of sports blogs out there looking for people like you. You need to be sharing content related to that sport more frequently, but also offering your opinion to your followers and not just retweeting.

The inverted pyramid counts for sports writers, too. Twitter is especially useful in this phase because you can reach out with direct messages and see what type of reach the blogs have.

Share your analysis with the world! In addition, if you reach out cold via twitter and they do check out your profile, you massively improve your chances of getting a shot. One of the most rewarding things about sports writing is the people you meet, they inspire me every day.

Using four words to explain the way a football soared between the goalposts is more than unnecessary.

Feel free to follow me on Medium or Twitter for more. Maybe some fellow fans will like what you have to say.

A great place to start is to glance over the rules for the leagues. So, as you go writing articles for the small blog and growing your network, you give yourself more opportunities to be spotted by a large publication. Perhaps there was a crisis within an organization that would cause those terms to be a touchy subject.

There are some simple ways to get started now and eventually you can take your passion from hobby to side gig. Sometimes even the smallest of publications will ask for a short test article to see if your style of writing could be a good fit.

Your social media is now an extension of your brand as a sports writer.

Launch Your Sports Writing Career

At this stage, be sure to update your LinkedIn and Twitter so that it reflects your change in status. This will also help with your total word count. Usually, these publications pay per article and unfortunately it is still quite low pay at this point. So, make sure to keep your regular source of income and try to write one or two articles per week.

Yes, you may have great points to make and insightful analysis to share. Now that you have some experience, you can move higher up the food chain.Although these blogs attract writers with claims of exposure, don’t use that as your main reason for contributing.

Your goal should be to use this stage to improve your writing, refresh your grammar skills and get a reference for the next step.

2. Reach out to some more popular blogs. It’s like asking for that promotion you deserve. Dear young sports blogger, It's a humbling and weirdly disconcerting thing to get an email like yours, one that asks me how I got my "job" writing about sports and how someone could follow in my.

Apr 16,  · Since your interest is in sports journalism, start a sports blog detailing commentary, highlights, and results from sporting events you attend.

In order to become a sports journalist, a degree in journalism is not required. Apply for a sports writing internship%(34). Sports Blog Net is a great site for any writer to gain experience. It helps you get noticed around the sports world on the web.

The responsibilities can be varied depending on if you want to handle a site on your own. Sports Blog. Sports writing can be its own entity. Die-hard sports fans are a whole different breed: we have our own language, a mile-long list of superstitions and traditions and we know how to pull a game apart.

After completing the first 6 steps of “How to Start a Sports Blog,” there are 3 things you should do right away so that your site can be easily found on the Internet. a.) Install the plugin: WordPress SEO by Yoast.

How to start writing a sports blog network
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