Free writing and looping doppler

The layers you selected should now be remembered. Perhaps revisit the Australian Weather Watch Radar Network page, select the radar you want, and then set up a fresh bookmark.

The times should be increasing by 10 minutes each image.

Browser Setting For Radar Loops

Do this Javascript Check. The Bureau policy on using cookies can be found online at: If the above loops do not work for you, please use the FEEDBACK link to report the fault and to describe what shows on your web page instead of the working loops.

The feature layers I selected are not remembered when I return to the radar pages. Browsers Most web browsers have the ability to modify how text appears on the screen. At the present time we are limited to using URL rewriting as a means of passing selected map features between radars.

To check if this is the case try the following possible solutions. The full external host address is http: Running along the bottom of the dialog box, you will see 4 buttons "Colors", "Fonts", "Languages" and "Accessibility".

Why is the mouse pointer continually flashing an hour-glass during loops? Look at the browser settings and maybe change your settings.

Both the style and size of the font can be affected. If any of these symptoms still occur on your PC, then change your time-check setting back to Once-per-session or equivalent. Perhaps contact your ISP to see if they can run the radar loops, and whether they see a problem or not.

The most likely cause of this issue is that the browser or operating system settings have been changed to make the font text size larger then it is by default.

United States Radar

This issue has been known to occour in Firefox after a browser update. The loop counter counts frombut the images do not change. When I revisit the radar loop the selected map features from my previous visit are not restored.

If the solutions here are not affective and you are using a recent version of Internet Explorer please view the answer to the previous FAQ Weather Observations Another rare problem might be that if you now only see small broken images instead of radar images, then maybe your ISP Internet Service Provider has blocked radar images.

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Free writing and looping doppler
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