Evolutionary explanations of food preference essay

There is an adaptive significance of taste aversion learning in order for people to avoid foods that are associated with sickness, and therefore adapt and have a better chance at survival. In contrast animate beings can be seen to hold a penchant for nutrients which have medicative or good belongingss.

Therefore we can use studies such as Capsi et al and Bouchard et al to help to reinforce some of the conclusions of this section. One example of a rich, fatty food which provides a feeling of satiety is meat, which also has high protein content.

Although evolved factors are clearly important when it comes to food preferences, these are modified by our experiences and culture partly determines the extent of such experiences. Another criticism is that it is biologically deterministic.

Not all behaviour needs to have evolved. In contrast bitter tastes are often poisonous. Despite evolutionary psychologists arguing that we are genetically very similar to animals care should be taken in extrapolating these findings as humans have other factors on them such as health concerns and cultural influence taking account of the nurture side of the nature-nurture debate.

Evolutionary Explanations For Food Preferences

This is successful in the digestion and absorption of protein. Meat is rich in foods and hence appropriate alternate nutrient ingestion. This is then compared with speculations about eating behaviour in the era of evolutionary adaptation.

It cannot be fully generalized to humans as we have a very different psychological makeup and therefore it cannot be said that our brains work in the same way as theirs. These spices contain chemicals that can kill the harmful bacteria and thus protect people from poisoning. The ability to detect and avoid naturally occurring glucosinolates would have been a big advantage to our ancestors and therefore passed through natural selection making it a widespread gene today.

This is a powerful mechanism that can help keep them alive. Furthermore Seligman claimed different species evolved different larning abilities.

Revision:Evolutionary explanations of food preferences

With the instruction that only one box could be removed to make their decision about their willingness to engage in the designated relationship with the occluded individual, significantly more men assigned to the short-term, compared to the long-term, mating condition removed the body box.

The theory is supported by popular fast-food restaurants which do reflect a preference for fatty food and salt. In Western cultures there is no longer a hunter-gatherer culture so we should be seeing a move away from fatty food preferences which cause health problems such as heart disease. Is evolutionary psychology unethical or sexist?

The preference for meat is backed up by biological features of the human body. Researchers have applied this to humans suggesting salt preferences help to maintain competitiveness however today it is often eaten in excess despite it leading to health risks such as high blood pressure.

The debate about the value of evolutionary psychology is a very fierce on in the subject at the moment, and some serious questions have been raised about a lot of the research and conclusions ade by the discipline.

Therefore, it has face validity because it makes sense that people will have displeasure when trying bitter food and that would suggest that they are harmful.

Evolutionary Explanations for Food Preference Essay Plan

Humans have 27 bitter taste receptors and only 2 sweet ones suggesting they are more sensitive to bitter-tastes. Few studies, however, have examined the reproductively relevant cues conveyed by faces and bodies as whole units. This supports taste aversion as an evolutionary explanation of food preferences as it is likely that just like the wolves we used this to avoid foods that were harmful to us to survive.

Studies of physical attractiveness have long emphasized the constituent features that make faces and bodies attractive, such as symmetry, skin texture, and waist-to-hip ratio.

This nevertheless may non be generalizable as the differences between worlds and other Primatess could be our nutrient penchants. These evolved factors can also be modified by our experiences with different foods with our culture having some influence.

In this environment food was only periodically available therefore had a preference for energy rich, fatty foods. It suggests that our digestive system has been evolved to break down necessary foodstuffs into nutrients so they are absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolised.

It was difficult to kill the pests by using poisoned baits because rats would only take a small amount of new food, and if they became ill they would quickly learn to avoid it.

We may have genes which make us more likely to produce certain behaviours e. Sweet tastes indicate quick release energy suitable for hunting.

Early human diets consisted of what was around them at the clip and what pressured them to eat it.Evolutionary Explanations of Food Preference Essay Evolutionary approach to food preference – perfect essay Evolution is the change in inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations.

Evolutionary Explanations of food preferences can also be seen to be a reductionist approach to eating behaviour. This means that some other factors that may also contribute to our eating behaviour have been forgotten about, such as psychological explanations, in order to focus on evolutionary explanations alone.

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Here's an essay plan on the subject of evolutionary explanations for food preference. Use it if you want, I chose these studies/explanations as they had the most to write on. It suggests that our evolutionary ancient feeding mechanisms cannot cope with the change to high carbohydrate diet and over abundance of food.

Therefore, there can be both positive and negative sides to the evolutionary approach in. Revision:Evolutionary explanations of food preferences Evaluative points in italic Evolutionary theory proposes that food preferences have developed as a result of natural selection, helping our ancestors to survive in the environmental conditions.

Evolutionary explanations of food preference essay
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