Essay of my family in mandarin

Learn Chinese [ My family 1 ] Learn Chinese: My parents love and care to my grandparents very much and always take care of their needs. In a big joint family, children gets happy environment and same age group friends forever thus new generation of the family goes better in the study, sports and other activities without any hesitation.

Members of the joint family become responsible and disciplined as well as everyone follow the orders of head of the family. Learn the Mandarin Chinese names for members of the immediate family. But essay hero of my life before I begin talking about essay on my favourite personality my father my essay on the role of my parents in my life family.

My family contains four members, a father, a mother, me and a small sister.

My family includes various members like grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, uncle, aunt, cousins. Every member of the family emotionally attaches to each other in their happiness and sadness. They generally tell us nice stories in the night which we really enjoy.

She tells us about all the Indian culture and traditions in order to pass to next generation. A small or a big family become of great importance to its members and considered as the strongest unit of the society because various families together make a nice society.

We live an advanced lifestyle in the city however really enjoys a countryside lifestyle in the village. Person living in family is happier than a person living alone.

A family having one set of parents with three or more children is called as big nuclear family. He sits on the front chair on the dining table. Every one of us follows the orders of my grandfather because he is the head of the family.

He is a very cool personality and friendly person of the family however everyone of us do not have dare to go against him.

There are many essential roles of family in the life. We really respect and enjoy his commanding position in the family.wǒ de jiā / 我 的 家 - my family wǒ de bà ba mā ma / 我 的 爸 爸 妈 妈 - my parents In China, grandparents on different sides have different names.

Essay on My Family: My Father Words | 4 Pages. Languages My parents can speak and understand Mandarin, Cantonese, and Min Chinese.

My Family Essay

I can understand and speak Mandarin, Cantonese and some Min Chinese, but my brother can only understand Mandarin and short vocabularies in Min Chinese. My brother and I, speak Mandarin. Though the conclusion of this essay might fall a bit flat for all of us who are very used to having a telephone, this is an interesting glimpse into what a monumental rite of passage it is for children in rural areas to have one or use one for the first time.

My Family Essay 1 ( words) Family is a group of two, three or more persons living together in one home. Family can be small nuclear, big nuclear or joint family types according to the number of members in the family. Learn Chinese [ My family 1 ] Click on the speaker icon of each sentence and my family essay in mandarin listen to the recording.

Learn the Mandarin Chinese names for members of the immediate family.

My family essay in mandarin

Free Essays on My Family In Mandarin. Search. My Neighbors Scholarship Essay - My Family Background. Title: My Family Background Product. Prompt: How has your family background affected the way you see the world? I am the product of my family’s influence and background.

Essay of my family in mandarin
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