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Start from English Newspaper. Come up with strong points arguments and express new view points elaborately. There should be uniformity in the whole essay. Let your mind generate the aspect of topic as many as possible. Excerpts from Medieval English poetry and Elizabethan drama to authenticate its relationship with life: As you prepare yourself for CSS exam, you should read good books of essay.

Make rough outlines of those and then finalize one topic.

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Development of Literature and shades of society in it: It will help you elongate your essay as well as follow the correct structure of essay. There are few common rules of writing essay that should be learnt rigorously. Note down all the points and aspects w.

Origin of Literature as a reflection of life: They expect from you a great deal of english essays for css showings about the topic, maturity in your thoughts and ideas, thoughts based on facts supporting or opposing the topic, widely accepted thoughts, multi-dimensional approach to explain about the topic and proper way of expressing your ideas and thoughts.

Once you are able to write on these topics, move towards actual topics from the past papers. The first and foremost thing that ensures your success in essay writing for CSS exam is what you present in your essay, your ideas and thoughts.

Read question paper extensively. The way you describe, explain, elaborate or discuss about an idea counts a lot for writing a good essay. Moreover, choose a random topic and write an essay on it atleast once a week. Now re-arrange and organize your points.

It is one of the toughest papers to pass and most of the applicants unable to qualify for the exams due to their failure in the English paper. One; books, magazines, newspapers, journals, etc.

It should appeal the reader. Ways and means to ensure freedom of speech with re sponsibility. It starts right after introduction part. It serves as a background to the topic. List the topics you can write on and brainstorm. For Essay Topics, go through past papers of at-least 15 years.

Again I would say that extensive study can be much helpful in this regard. General study as more as possible is quite helpful. Each paragraph should have one idea explained in it. Hence, you should study the basics of grammar in order to express your ideas in Standard English. The essay is the most important part of this subject, and it covers a broad range of topics.

The ideas should be presented in a sequence having logical continuity. Making an Outline for the Essay Outline refers to a sketch or a skeleton of aspects, which you will discuss in the essay.

They are significant in order to strengthen your discourse skills. Your entire essay should be a composite reflection of the topic. Write down all the supporting and opposing ideas in a convincing manner. Pakistan Movement and Urdu Literature: Follow proper sequence for presenting your ideas.

This part explores various dimensions of the topic. Economic dependency of Pakistan:CSS Essay Books Showing all 16 results Sale!

The Competitive Essays for CSS & PMS By Muhammad Soban Ch. Sale! The Competitive Essays for CSS & PMS By Muhammad Soban Ch.

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A Comprehensive English Grammar For Foreign Students By Eckersley Longmans Read more; A Communicative Grammar of English By Geoffrey. One of the toughest tasks in CSS written part is to get through the Essay paper. CSS aspirants put around 60% of their efforts in preparing English Essay, and English Grammar & Composition papers.

Tags CSS CSS Exam English Essays English Essays for CSS About Asim Raza The writer is a PAS officer from 38th CTP, currently serving as Director Admin & Finance, Gilgit Development Authority.

Feb 16,  · Majority of the candidates fail each year in the English Essay paper of the Civil Superior Services examination in Pakistan. NORCCA has produced a list of crucial Tips & Hints to be followed by the CSS exam aspirants who wish to pass this most daunting paper with sterling performance.

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Dec 10,  · CSS is a Bureaucratic elite Authority and Civil Services for the Civilian killarney10mile.com Term CSS stands for Central Superior services. CSS examination will be held in start of where candidates will apply for civil services which is a very difficult task.

Expected Essay Topics CSS Registration is open for now. The 5/5(1). Q Higher education as an agent of change. Q The future of mankind in a ‘Global Warming’ perspective. Q The image of Islam in the western world and responsibilities of the Muslim Ummah.

English essays for css showings
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