Business report south africa unemployment gets worse

Mike Schussler, the chief economist of Economists. It recorded that there were 1, households in informal settlements across South Africa. This is troubling because in his State of the Nation Address, President Cyril Ramaphosa promised to embark on several measures to address the unemployment challenge.

However, Africa Check was unable to find recent comparative data on car hijackings around the world. And the expanded unemployment rate, which includes people who did not actively look for work in the period, comes out at 40 percent, compared with Women, children and the elderly are the hardest hit by poverty.

A Facebook post that went viral in made a series of claims about how South Africa has changed since Stats SA notes on its website that the two surveys differ in coverage, scope, unit of measurement and method of collection.

The policy incoherence, lack of decisive leadership and imagination are the real source of this depressing state of affairs. Normally these are expressed as the number of crimes committed perpeople.

In fact, given the continuing wavering in government and policy confusion, the situation is likely to get worse. This includes the number people that are employed, unemployed and not economically active. Africa Check readers asked us to investigate.


The surveys examine the size of the working population all persons between 15 and 64 and the labour force all persons that are employed or unemployed. It covers both the formal and informal sectors. This factsheet looks at how unemployment is measured.

Crediting Africa Check in the byline, keeping all hyperlinks to the sources used and adding this sentence at the end of your publication: But the absolute figures do not provide the full picture. This, it argues, result in different figures. However, comparing countries using the total number of murders fails to take into account varying population sizes.

It excludes employment in agriculture and private households. While absolute employment numbers had returned to pre-recession levels, the unemployment rate was higher than it was before the recession.

South Africa certainly has shockingly high levels of rape. This unemployment situation is likely to get worse because there is currently no sense of urgency in discussing and developing responses to automation and mechanisation in the country.

However many African countries are not included in IMF figures and anecdotal evidence suggests unemployment levels across the continent are high. The claims are broad generalisations and statements of opinion, not fact.

India, by comparison, has a population of 1,2-billion so the higher number of murders there is to be expected.

South Africa's entrepreneurs tackle youth unemployment crisis

Both the formal sector and the informal sector recorded employment losses between first and second quarters of and the industry that recorded the most job losses was manufacturing which accounted forjobs.

The federation said indirectly this continuous increase in unemployment was also having its effect on the employed workers.Business selected; Tech; as Lerato Mbele reports.

South Africa has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world, and while the government tries its own solutions, entrepreneurs are.

South Africa: Unemployment SA's Biggest Hurdle -- Report

As many as million people are now looking for work in South Africa, as the country’s unemployment rate hit a new high, Stats SA announced on Thursday. Meanwhile, the South African Federation of Trade unions (Saftu) said that it was shocked by even higher unemployment just when it seemed that things could get no worse for workers and the poor.

All other industries reported employment growth quarter-to-quarter except manufacturing, construction and agriculture which declined by 50, 30.

Mike Hutchings/Reuters South Africa's unemployment rate just hit a year high. The country's unemployment rate increased to % in the first quarter ofup from % in the fourth quarter ofaccording to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey.

In fact, given the continuing wavering in government and policy confusion, the situation is likely to get worse. This is happening at a time when we now know from the report released in August by Statistics South Africa that more than half of the South African population live in poverty.

SA unemployment rate hits worst level in 14 years

More than 85% of the panelists said that they expected corruption in government to either stay the same or get worse byand only 14% of the panelists saw a decrease in corruption by The Bureau for Market Research report said corruption in government was "expected to fare far worse than corruption in business".

Business report south africa unemployment gets worse
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