Bt business plan terms and conditions

Please read the broadband traffic management policy at bt. Sorting out complaints From time to time you may need to contact us to sort out a problem.

When parental controls are on: We might reduce the amount of the refund if we think the equipment is worth less than its original value as a result of it being used or damaged. Bt business plan terms and conditions service will last for at least the minimum term and will carry on after then unless: If there is a fault, read clause 14 which explains what you can do.

We may move you to a better service, service feature or equipment at no extra cost for a trial period. The BT-owned equipment will always belong to us. Any loss or damage caused by malware or the unauthorised use of a service on any of your devices.

You must pay any bills as soon as you get them, unless we agree otherwise with you.

Our terms and conditions

You can read the code at www. Any delay or failure caused by something beyond our reasonable control. You can also see our usage policy at www. If we need to charge you for anything extra for example, for going over any usage limitwe may add those charges to a later bill.

We can only install the equipment if someone over 18, who can make decisions about where and how we install it, is at home. VAT will not be added to any extra charge we add to your bill. There is guidance on this at www. If you move home and want us to provide the BT Phone service at your new address, you may have to enter into a new contract for the new telephone line with a month minimum term.

You might also have to pay a fee to re-activate an existing phone line. This clause continues to apply after the agreement with us has ended. This is an online service designed to help people who have bought things online.

Ending the service and this agreement When you can end the service and this agreement If you change your mind about a service, you can cancel the agreement during the cooling-off period, as explained in clause 5. This could be things such as lightning, flood, severe weather, fire, explosion, terrorist activities, epidemic, riots, war, anything done by a government or other public authority, or strikes or other industrial action.

Any failure of safety, security or other alarm systems due to incompatibility with a service, or any other reason which is not due to our fault or neglect. Changes to the charges We may change the charges if: It confirms important things like the description of a service, the minimum term and the charges.

BT Home Phone and BT Broadband terms and conditions

Not do anything which might have a negative effect on: Only you and we can take action under the agreement. You can choose to upgrade or change a service.

Terms of agreement

Sometimes faults in our network affect a service. You breaking the agreement. You can find out more at ombudsman-services. Update, upgrade, improve or alter a service, service features or equipment for example, to fix bugs or faults, tackle security issues, improve software or equipment, change the way a service looks or improve how the equipment works.

Also, you may have paid a lower charge or even nothing for the equipment in return for taking a service for the minimum term. Changes to a service, service features, equipment and terms and conditions of the agreement We may change a service, service features, equipment and terms and conditions of the agreement to do the following.BT Business Mobile.

The freedom to use your own mobile with a business-grade SIM Only plan. Changes to our Business Terms.

Terms and Conditions: BT Mobile

Brief Description: They’ll replace the Conditions for BT Business Services and the Main Conditions applicable to each of the services listed in the table below: BT Business One Plan – all variants, BT Business Plan, BT Customer Commitment and BT Premier Value; BT Business Mobile - all plans and tariffs.

The following terms and conditions apply to BT Business Total Broadband products (“legacy broadband products”) (as set out in the terms and conditions) ordered on or before 14 September BT Business One Plan PDF KB.

BT Business Plan (Customer Based and Lite) PDF KB. BT Customer Commitment PDF KB. and conditions and acceptance. These terms and conditions ("Terms") govern the use of the BT business website or any part of it ("the Site").

BT may modify the Terms from time to time and you are advised to keep up to date with any changes by regularly reviewing the Terms. Cut your business phone bill down to size with BT Business Plan. As part of BT, can help you to dramatically cut the cost of your business telephone calls – in some cases by a whopping 30%!

Exclusions and terms and conditions apply.

*3: Applies to Local and National UK landline calls only. Excludes non-geographic numbers (eg. Our terms and conditions. To make it easy for you to find what you’re after, we’ve split our terms and conditions into two categories.

One is for customers who have our products in the home, for personal or family use; and one is for our business customers.

Bt business plan terms and conditions
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