Are you a feminist

A woman who thinks women are better than men. Answer It depends on what you mean by feminist. Although they claim to support better medical care for pregnancies and affordable, improved child care, they do not actually do anything to promote these.

I am pro-life unless the woman was raped. There are a lot of myths about feminists. Their main form of activism involves speeches to high-school girls and college-aged women.

How Feminist Are You?

Feminists are against men taking over and Are you a feminist of women, but they do still love men more often than not. There are no such things as gender roles. That was when I knew absolutely nothing of what they stood for.

Until I learned otherwise, that is. How do you feel about abortion?

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It would certainly seem that Republicans are anti-feminist, evenwith female Republicans who claim to be feminist there seems to bea lot of internalized misogyny. Feminists dont think that we are better than men we believe in equality and balance.

Feminists are strongly against playboy and other sexual magazines with women on them. You realize that society always has women in constant competition with one another and turns them against eachother, so instead of chasing after this guy you decide your friendship is more important.

They are an extremist anti-abortion group that supports choices that only include giving birth. I have no clue what a feminist is, so, I have no clue if Shakespeare was a feminist whatever that is.

How do you feel about the birth control pill? Wish that these busybody feminists had something better to do. Only a man could do the job. Proud to see a woman running but wait and see both viewpoints before you make a decision.

Are you a feminist?

You attempt to sabotage your friend so that the guy ends up not liking her. Vote for her all the way. Are hurt by it, but let it go.Do you treat women and men as equals? Or do you believe in traditional gender roles? Do you think all human beings are equal? Do you think all human beings are equal?.

Take this quiz to see if you are a feminist! Men and women should be held to the same sexual standards. If men can sleep around without judgment, women should be able to as well.

What is the feminist theory?

Cut off your friend by telling your own joke, and make sure it's way more funny and humiliating to women - you gotta protect your joke telling rights! Geez, lighten up - the joke didn't hurt a thing Well, it's funny. Watch video · I would be willing to give up some of my salary if I had to, so that equal pay in my workplace could be a reality.

I believe that men and women. New Wave Feminism What type of feminist (or anti-feminist) are you? A national survey by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals six distinct groups with a range of views about feminism, the women's movement and policies that affect women in the United States.

Take this quiz to find out which group you're most similar to.

Are you a feminist
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